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The Via Francigena

From Monteriggioni you can follow the ancient Via Francigena, the route walked by pilgrims from all over Europe on their way to Rome.

From the Castle of Monteriggioni it is possible to reach little towns such as the nearby Castel Petraio, a castle which was turned into a villa in the 15th century, and Abbadia Isola, a village where the pilgrims used to stop and refresh themselves on their way along the Via Francigena and which is also famous for its church with two doors on the façade, similar to the entrance to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.
Otherwise, you can follow the Via Francigena towards Siena, the queen of gothic, where you will find the oldest hospital in the area – the “Santa Maria della Scala” – which today is a prestigious Museum Complex.

An alternative route heading north takes you to Colle Val d’Elsa, a city with really ancient origins which has now become famous as the ‘City of Crystal’ thanks to its glass making works.
Further on is San Gimignano, a splendid example of a medieval city, which through the ages has kept its urban plan intact and is still famous for the numerous towers which adorn the skyline. The Via Francigena also passes through this beautiful town and, continuing along this route, we come to Certaldo, the medieval village where Boccaccio was born, and finally ending our trip at Tavarnelle.

Hotel Monteriggioni organises various types of excursions, in collaboration with local guides, leaving either from Monteriggioni or other historic towns in the province of Siena.